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Hi, all! Just checking in about which writing classes you might be interested in at http://www.fanstory.com. Some possibilities:
Writing the Short Story
Writing Short Nonfiction
Novel Beginnings, Middles, and Ends
The Plot
The Scene
Showing vs. Telling
These are all possibilities for classes in which we read, write, and chat about our work.
Post or PM me about your interests.



3 thoughts on “Writing Classes

  1. I also teach ESL and writing here:

    Sierra College in Rocklin, California

    Woodland Community College in Woodland, California

    and teacher education and writing here

    National University, online and onsite in Sacramento, California

  2. Novel endings can be tricky to write—which is why so many writers have that almost-finished manuscript in their desk drawers or on their desktop. How do you balance answering the major plot questions raised at the beginning while addressing and resolving the main conflict and climax? How do you at the same time show change in the protagonist and complete the character arc? Finally is the concern of giving a sense of satisfaction and inevitably to the ending, not leaving anything out–while still avoiding being too “pat” and clever. These issues will be addressed in the course Novel Endings in September at http://www.fanstory.com, taught by published author Stacia Levy, so bring that unfinished manuscript!

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